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April 2, 05 In Rembrance of Toni D. Jenkins (1977 - 2005)

Very sad news just in from Tiffany Daniels in Florida

My best friend, my sister and my heart passed away today. Toni was the BIGGEST Steel Pulse fan since age 5. She has EVERY album, EVERY video and can sing EVERY word to EVERY song. She tried to learn how to play the drums when she was a teenager by watching old Steel Pulse concert videos and attempting to mimic the man that she would soon date for a couple of months, Grizzly Nisbett.

Toni had a heart twice the size of the world and could not stand to see someone go without. She worked as the Social Services Director at Seacrest Retirement Center in Tallahassee and volunteered (making quilts) for Hospice. The world has lost a jewel and a gifted young woman.

She was hit head-on by a truck that lost control on I-10 (Florida) last night, but lost her life today at 2:45 p.m. She leaves behind a host of family, friends, co-workers, colleagues and the love of her life -- her 1 month old son, Marcel Anthony.

My world stopped when I was told that she was gone. I don't know how I will be able to continue knowing that the person that basically raised me and kept me out of trouble SOOO many days is gone.

Toni will be buried next Saturday and I'm asking all members of the Steel Pulse crew, fans, Andy B., Ron Hammond and (last but not least) Grizzly to send your kind words, poems and condolences to my email address:

They will be arranged in a beautiful book and placed in Toni's casket along with pictures of her friends, family, Marcel and all of her Steel Pulse tapes, albums and CDs. She may be in Heaven watching over us, but she's still a PULSER and will need these things. Please pray for her family and friends. We lost a spirit that can't be replaced. I've lost my only sister and my best friend. God speed to us all..... Tiffany


Tiffany, on behalf of Steel Pulse and the Pulsers around the globe, please accept our deepest sympathies at this time of great and sudden loss.


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