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Selwyn Brown reporting from South America

Nov 13

I've been meaning to call you for a while but because we've been moving so fast, havenīt had chance top get decent phone card.

The Brazil shows went well, 1st one was in Forteleza,didnīt go on stage till after 3am due to bands overplaying etc and technical difficulties. Got good reaction considering the crowd had to be tired. It was an outdoor venue and when we finished our set it was already daylight.

2nd Brazil show was in Rio and that was electric from start to finish. There had to be over 5000 people there and they were rocking, even to the new songs that they werenīt so familiar with. Also met Sylvia* who came to the hotel with her son, daughter and grandson and came to the show. We introduced her on stage during Emotional Prisoner.

The 3rd Brazil show was in Sao Paulo and that was another sold out electric audience, where the crowd were singing the songs from start to finish.

4th Brazil show was in Porto Allegre and once again great crowd who enjoyed the show from start to end.

Set lists for the shows were based around the Trinidad and Venezuela format apart from a few additions/alterations. Some shows we added Blessed is the man in place of African Holocaust.

Nov 5

"We're in Brazil now after almost 24 hours travelling to get here from Venezuela. Everyone is ok, just tired. The 1st 2 shows went well and now we have 2 days off.

The Trinidad show, as you was know was part of the Steel Pan and Jazz Festival.

We were well received and many people there have followed the band from the 70's.

The set list for both shows was;

Intro Medley

Rally Round

Roller Skates


No More Weapons

Medley Medley

Pan Africans Unite

African Holocaust

Make Us A Nation

KKK Medley

Handsworth Revolution

Stepping Out


Chant A Psalm

Don't Give In

Emotional Prisoner

Also saw many old friends at Trinidad show and there were many youngsters at the show as well as many brethrens from the local Rastafarian community, most of whom don't venture out too often to shows.

The Venezuela show was a great success,especially as it was our first time there. We were greeted at the airport by the Promoter Octavier and also a local film crew.

The setting for the concert was very scenic ( up in the mountains overlooking Caracas ).

The crowd was electric from start to finish ( even in the soundcheck where a few fans ventured on stage while we tested our equipment ).

Most of the audience were teenagers, all of whom told us they heard our music round their homes while growing up.  Looking forward to visiting Caracas again and if the atmosphere is half as good we'll be very happy. Have to run so take care ... 

All The Best


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