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The Upsalla interview was wonderful! It's great to see David speaking live and looking well.

There's a great overview of the reason African Holocaust was born. Though many have heard the story before, it's nice to hear it again.

Also, Attention Pulsers, looks like we have some concrete news of upcoming Steel Pulse releases, including the new DVD we have all been waiting for and the official public release of the name of the African Holocaust Dub Album.  

NOPE - I'm not going to say the name here - but, it's catchy and cool as usual. Where can you find the name, you ask? Go on and listen to the interview!!!

Keep on Pulsing and Until Next Time"   --- MsMelinda, DC Roots Reggae Promotions

"Real revolutionaries adorn themselves on the inside, not at the surface." -Che Guevara

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