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August 6, 06 Jamaica Independence Day

44 years and growing

"Hardships there are, but the Land is green and the Sun Shineth"

Black for hardship, green for both hope and the fertile land, and the gold for wealth and sunshine. Join Jamaicans all over the globe and show your support for Jamaica on Independence Day August 6 by wearing the colors (colours in English English!)




 Michael G W Henry a/k/a "DUBNINE" of Dubtransmissions, Birmingham England : Co-producer of "African Holocaust" the latest album from Steel Pulse Grammy Nominated 2004

Adam Atterby


Stockholm Sweden


Pulsers everywhere - here is a great new reggae sound coming from the land of ABBA, Volvo and IKEA and with just as much potential to conquer the world - don't miss this!! Great Respect and Congratulations to Adam and crew for this brilliant collection of exciting, inspirational, toe-tapping music and words. Right to the top of my exclusive play-list along side African Holocaust.

"Hey Mr W. whatcha doing today? Looking at the world are you running out of countries to invade?" - Track 4 Bump Dem - and you MUST read the dramatic story about Bob's Bar in Kamala Beach, Thailand - well it was there until Sally The Tsunami dropped in (unexpectedly and certainly uninvited) on Boxing Day - December 26 - 2004.

Hi Adam,

Just a few lines to let you know that I enjoy listening to your album. All the songs have a vibe to them and the sound/production quality is very good as well. It's also good to see that you've tried to create your own sound which is something we've always viewed as important. David also likes the album, as you've probably heard so your fan clubs' growing!! Keep up the good work and we'll keep listening and spreading the word.

Peace and Love Selwyn " D "


Rob Carvalho - Birmingham

Rising Star - Soul Singer Extraordinaire!

Maka Iki, a frequent commentator on the Message Board (RIP) has a weekly DJ slot on the University of Hawaii radio station. His slot is 3 PM to 6 PM in Hawaii.

 Also known as Maka Caju for his great knowledge of therazilianCashew Nut. His current research project centers around study of whether the type of trimming done on coconut trees that is meant to prevent accidents from falling coconuts is really being done in the best way. Contributions on this vital subject will be most welcome by Maka.


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