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"Still The Greatest Reggae Band On The Planet!"



"African Holocaust"

Grammy Nomination 2004

Track 4 - "Make Us A Nation"

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 "NO MORE WEAPONS" MUSIC VIDEO featuring Damian Marley See it now, thanks Jah B




UPPSALA SWEDEN REGGAE FESTIVAL - AUG 13, 05 : On-Camera Interview with David Hinds


Rhino/Elektra Celebrates 30 Years of Steel Pulse --- "True Democracy" and "Earth Crisis"      ---- remastered --- bonus tracks to be included --- in stores (USA) on Monday June 6, 05

 Dec 26, 05

 Agent "W" - Protecting The Homeland By Spying On It!! more

 Dec 26, 05

 STEEL PULSE Shows for February and March Current Shows

 Dec 26, 05

 Tsunami Zone : One Year Later ... More

 Dec 24, 05

 Season's Greetings, Meilleurs Voeux, Felices Fiestas, Frohe Festage

 Dec 19, 05

 Morgan Freeman Age 68 No Sign Of Slowing Down   More including a Photo Essay This is a right riveting read -- you might be surprised at some of his social and political views.

 Dec 16, 05

 Why Are We Not Surprised : Americans Spied On By NSA  More

 Dec 14, 05


 Dec 14, 05

 Bob Dylan Going Satellite Route More

 Dec 10, 05

 Dozens (Mostly Children Heading Home for Christmas) Dead In Nigeria Jet Crash More

 Dec 10, 05

 Comedian Richard Pryor dies age 65. More Deepest Sympathies To His Family

 Dec 9, 05

 4th Annual Langerado Music Festival -- Sunrise Florida March 11 and 12, 2006

 Tickets on Sale TODAY!! Artist line up includes STEEL PULSE and dozens more                     - YOU WOULD BE CRAZY TO MISS IT!

 Dec 9, 05

 John Lennon Remembered - Imagine all the songs that might have been

 Dec 8, 05

 Damian Marley - Welcome To Jamrock -- Congratulations on Grammy Nomination!

 "He will win it hands down!" - David Hinds -

 also featured artist on Steel Pulse latest album Grammy Nominated 2004, African Holocaust. Newshound Melinda reporting from Washington DC!!!

 Dec 7, 05

 Eritrea expels peace-keeping staff. CNN Inside Africa

 Dec 3, 05

 STREET CHILD AFRICA's Response to The G8 Summit Read more now

 Dec 3, 05

 Final Tribute to the Belfast Boy - George BEST Read more now

 Dec 3, 05

 Empowering Africa's children with a simple Wind-up Radio  Read more now

 Dec 1, 05

 Rosa Parks Statue in US Capital - NAACP supporting bill H.R. 4145 to authorise statue... More December 1, 1955 - 50 years ago today!!!

 Dec 1, 05

 Anthony Walker's family "still forgive" his killers. This is a story that everyone on the planet should read and take note of. Here is a family that suffered a huge loss with the mindless, senseless, barbaric murder of their beloved son Anthony, age 18. And yet they forgave his killers even before they were arrested and brought to trial. Such great, magnificent dignity and compassion in the face of such terrible adversity . Read more NOW

 Dec 1. 05

 Anthony Walker's killers jailed for racist murder. Read more

 Dec 1, 05

 World AIDS Day -- 25 Million Deaths and climbing. Africa has 10 percent of world population but more than 50 percent of the worlds HIV infections. Read more

 Nov 28, 05

 "Simply The BEST - George Best was a genius in a period of time when the world was not ready for him. He became a catalyst against conforming to the ways of the establishment, the status quo.  Steel Pulse pays tribute to him, as he was a man who became part of our upbringing and the culture revolution of that time, that helped bands like us develop our ideals of today."  David Hinds and Selwyn Brown

 Nov 22, 05

 The Champ Meets The Chump A must-read-now story Also Civil Rights In America!!!

 Nov 19, 05

 Something to make you smile, especially if you are in AA (Airplane Addicts). Read more

 Nov 19, 05

 Vaccine for malaria likely years away CNN

 Nov 18, 05

 World Exclusive - David Hinds will be doing a very special Guest Appearance with dub incorporation on their new album "Dans le decor" (Track 10 - SPEED) and will be performing with them @ Palais des spectacles, Saint Etienne, France on December 2, 2005 Realisateur artistique, prises, mix and Masterisation : Sam Clayton, Steel Pulse Tour Manager, Read more now click on Discographie..

 Nov 16, 05

 Some photos just in from Argentina!! See them now .. Thanks, Martin Cueto and Andy

 Nov 15, 05

 Reflections on The Year of Touring.. Read all about it

 Nov 14, 05

 Second Black Mayor In Utah History - Tim Isom.. Read more

 Nov 13, 05

 "Old-School Reggae Legend, Steel Pulse: Going Strong" by Tom Terrell, music critic and band's former road manager, reflects on the group's early days. Audio Clip 4:45

 Nov 13, 05

 Photos from Mean Fiddler, London. Click on Rasta Ites (Two pages - don't miss them!)

 Nov 13, 05

 Photos from Festival Solidays, Paris France, July 10, 05 See Them Now

 Nov 13, 05

 Review of Steel Pulse Show @ Festival Solidays - Froggy's Delight Scroll way down to near the bottom of their page. And then ask yourself - parlez vous Francais??

 Nov 13, 05

 Press Conference - David Hinds, Festival Solidays, July 10, 05 parlez vous Francais??

 Nov 13, 05

 Report from Selwyn in Brazil  Read more

 Nov 13, 05

 Report on Steel Pulse from South America Read more Thanks Martin Cueto, Andy

 Nov 13, 05

 David interviewed in Spanish. Read more Thanks Martin Cueto, Andy

 Nov 9, 05

 Photos from Trinidad and Caracas 

 Nov 6, 05

 Ashville NC may get its first ever black mayor -- Read more..

 Nov 6, 05

 Web Reggae Awards 2005 REGGAE.FR

 Nov 5, 05

 Trinidad Guardian Report on Steel Pulse show. Read more Thanks, Jah B

 Nov 4, 05

 The Great Coronation Of 75 Years Ago -  Thanks, Jah B

 Nov 4, 05

 Hundreds Killed in Addis Ababa Read more Thanks, Melinda

 Nov 2, 05

 Rosa, Take Your Rest CBS News

 Nov 2, 05

 Stevie Wonders About More Grammys CBS News

 Nov 2, 05

 Include Reggae In The Grammy Telecast - Sign The Petition

 Nov 2, 05

 On The Road With Steel Pulse -- Selwyn Brown reporting from Brazil! Read all about it...

 Oct 30, 05

 Are you an OIL-addict? What is "peak oil"? Read more... Tai Adelaja reporting..

 Oct 29, 05

  "Hello Steel Pulse Good to know that you are coming to Rio de Janeiro !!!!!!!! As a Carioca I would like to welcome you all and invite the group and friends for a hike to the Tijuca Peak in the National Park of Tijuca.  Easy trail in the forest bring us to the highest point in Rio de Janeiro. Good to inspire the thoughts and also get to know bether the city. Please get in touch if the idea sounds good. Best regards from a brazilian fan." - Marcio -

 Oct 29, 05

  "I am from Rosario Argentina, rosario is 400 miles near Buenos Aires, but your show is a wensday (people like me work) y can`t go to the show, and never in my life i can see you, i cry a lot. PLEASE CAME TO ROSARIO, THE WAILERS HAVE BEEN HERE. THANK`S" - Lucas -

 Oct 28, 05

 Rosa Parks - first woman to lie in honor in the Capital Rotunda this Sunday and Monday coming. CBS News (Ms Melinda reporting..)

"Rosa Parks is not just a national hero, she is the embodiment of our social and human conscience...."

More -- Rosa Parks, Civil Rights In America, Special Report - Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks' Legacy, Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks Dies, 1963 Alabama Murders Remembered, Judge Constance Baker Motley, lawyer for Martin Luther King Jr dies age 84, "Millions More" March on D.C. Al Sharpton and Louis Farrkhan spoke on commemoration of 10th Anniversary of Million Man March on Oct 15.  CBS News

 Oct 26, 05

 Peoples Community Radio Link -- news from Birmingham and Lozells

 Oct 25, 05

 Uppsala Interview with David -- comment and review from Ms Melinda. Read it now.

 Oct 25, 05

 Rosa Parks, matriarch of civil rights, dies at 92. Ms Melinda reporting.  Read more...

 Oct 24, 05

 Steel Pulse heading for Trinidad and South America this weekend... CURRENT SHOWS

 Oct 24, 05

 Uppsala Reggae Festival - Aug 13, 05 : On-Camera Interview with David Hinds

 Oct 24, 05

 Our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the two young men murdered in Birmingham on Saturday and Sunday.

 Oct 23, 05

 Gender Finances : the Mars - Venus debate continues. KSL News

 Oct 23, 05

 Shirley Horn, Pianist and Jazz Vocalist, dies at age 71. CBS News

 Oct 22, 05

 Report on Mean Fiddler, London Show, Oct 20

 Oct 22, 05

 MUSIC LIVE 2005 @ NEC, Birmingham England Sat Nov 5 and Sun Nov 6, 05. Kick Start Your Career - free advice for budding musicians. More info @

 Oct 22, 05

 BIRMINGHAM MUSIC AWARDS - celebrating Midlands music. Website Showcase gigs coming up -- Rock/Indie @ Barfly, Oct 23rd; Jazz/Blues @ Cuva, Oct 25; Unplugged @ The Rope Walk, Oct 26 and Urban @ The Drum, Oct 30. Awards on Nov 4 @ Music Live 2005, with Award winners performing live on Music Live 2005 @ NEC, Birmingham on Nov 6.

 Oct 22, 05

 Photos from Mean Fiddler, London, Oct 20. Rasta Ites

 Oct 22, 05

 Holland, let's hear some news about the shows!!!

 Oct 21, 05

 "hello i am french i'm 17 yo and i see you in 2004 at grenoble and it was an anthology moment for me. and when come you back to grenoble??? we wait you and thank for everything you do and please continue like this. rastafari" - Guillaume, in France -

 Oct 18, 05

 Report from Andy Brouwer on The DRUM show, Oct 15

 Oct 17, 05

 Report from Andy Brouwer on Shrewsbury Show, Oct 14

 Oct 17, 05

"Yes rastafari give thanks steel pulse for the support on saturday from all of the rasrebell resistance enterage" - Rod I Rasrebell -

 Oct 17, 05

"Greetings, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steel Pulse band,crew & management for their hospitality in Birmingham. Still The Greatest Reggae Band On The Planet.  Special thanks to Selwyn for the Artist pass. I am hoping of having Steel Pulse next summer performing either in San Roque(South of Spain) or the Rock of Gibraltar. All the best at forthcoming gigs. Respect Everytime - Crucial Steve.

 Oct 17, 05

 "Fantastic show at the DRUM... Many thanx.. Good Luck everyone, All the Best, Gary E

 Oct 17, 05

  "Just would like to say how much we enjoyed the blistering set at the Drum last night.
Having travelled up from London on saturday especially for this show, we were treated to a near 2 hours of classic Steel Pulse songs. It was great to hear Blessed is the Man live for the first time.
We also had a full version of the Ku Klux Klan and the classic Handsworth Revolution nearly brought the house down. David Hinds was in fine form and his energy levels never seems to diminish.
It was nice to see and speak to the great Steve Grizzly Nisbett and Selwyn Bumbo Brown.
Special thanks goes out to the brother Clifford Mooney Pusey for his blistering guitar solo during the interval, and for taking time out to speak to us outside the our hotel lift lobby last night after the show. You are a truly great guy. What more can I say apart from roll on thursday at London's Mean Fiddler. "   - Cedric + Terry -

 Oct 16, 05

"Hello, just wanted to ask a special favor.  I would love for you guys to come back and play in Jacksonville Florida again. The show at Freebird Cafe, home of Lynyrd Skynrd, was heaven sent. I know you have obligations elsewhere, but we are all getting older and prodigy's like yourself won't be around forever. You make hearts melt and souls rejoice. Big Ups and Peace!" - Andy Bernard - (Amen, Andy - that was the DRUM last night! Ron)

 Oct 16, 05

FINALLY SUDAMERICA - "You really don't know how happy I am today, I saw in the web that Steel Pulse come to Chile. So when you come here you can contact me and then we can listen and sing good music and smoke some good chilean joint. Solo espero verlos en vivo luego, muchos saludos." - Stefany -

 Oct 16, 05

 "Hola ˇˇˇ los saludamos desde chile y una bienvenida a esta tierra austral nos da mucha felicidad de que pasen por aca y asi alzen su canto de lucha que es el de todos los guerreros de JAH, el Amorˇˇˇ nos vemos proximamente en el caupolican ˇˇˇ JAH=AMORˇˇˇ"    la familia Guillermo alfonso el Papaˇˇˇ Bernardita Maria la Mamaˇˇˇ Guillermo Moises Jahari el hijoˇˇˇ - Sista Berni -

 Oct 16, 05

 "Outstanding! Special mention for Amlak you were great blood!!!!" -Janeis Stanley, cousin to Amlak-

 Oct 16, 05

 "I saw my favourite band last night @ The Drum and they were awesome!  Professional isn't the word, the band were so tight and David and Selwyn were so energetic they had the audience begging for more. Special mention for Amlak and C-Sharp, you were both fantastic."  Robert Carvalho, (, another rising star from the Birmingham music scene - Ron)

 Oct 16, 05

 Holland Here We Come -- as I type, the band and crew are heading from Birmingham to Holland for a three-day tour, then back to London on Thursday. Bonaventure to the Steel Pulse road warriors!

 Oc 16, 05

 Return To Birmingham @ THE DRUM last night - what a scorcher!! Full report to be published in very near future. Feedback from anyone at last night's show is more than welcome. Bonus - We had a 4 Camera Video Shoot,  so this show will be preserved for posterity and the rest of the world to soak up and enjoy.  It was a privilege beyond words for this Pulser to be there! Let's hear from some more of you that were there!! Shrewsbury the night before was fantastic too, just like EVERY show!!!

 Oct 16, 05

 What a great message from Jason - let's have more of them. We invite, we encourage, we welcome with open arms your own feedback from anyone attending any Steel Pulse show anywhere in the world -- let's hear your on-the-spot comments.

 Oct 14, 05

  "Brethren, The show at the Independent in San Francisco was outstanding! The best I have seen since I saw you at a night club called The Stone on Broadway street in San Francisco in 1979 to 1980- You performed like the early days- Return Soon to the Independent- Respect"  Jason, San Francisco CA.

 Oct 13, 05

 John Peel Day on BBC Radio 1 - on the internet also. Go to BBC John Peel

 Oct 10, 05

 Katrina is spreading New Orleans music around the Country CBS NEWS

 Oct 4, 05

 USA tour covering Arizona and California starts tomorrow. See CURRENT SHOWS.

 Oct 4, 05

 Georgia Jackson, mother of George Jackson, has died of natural causes, age 86. More

 Sep 29

 More shows now confirmed for Europe, Caribbean and South America CURRENT SHOWS

 Sep 11, 05

 ReggaeRocksZ -- Birmingham - September 9, 05 ReggaeRockZ

 Sept 11 05

 Shows in Arizona and California in October - CURRENT SHOWS

 Sept 5, 05

 Our thoughts and prayers to all caught up in Katrina disaster

 July 24, 05

 Another Show in Hawaii - Set Lists for June and July USA

 July 14, 05

 We are very pleased to announce that Urban Tribe from Stockholm Sweden will be doing the opening support act for us when we visit Malmo Sweden August 9, Oslo Norway August 10 and Gothenburg Sweden August 11, 05.

 June 14, 05

 Congratulations to Taiwo Adelaja and his wife Abiola on the birth of their daughter Princess Ava on June 28, 05. Send your own congrats to them @

 July 3, 05

 Congratulations to Venus Williams - Ladies Singles Tennis Champion - Wimbledon

 July 1, 05

 Deepest Sympathy to Luther Vandross family

 June 30, 05

 Deepest Sympathies to Clancy Eccles family

 June 26, 05

 Philadelphia PA to require African-American History for HS Grads <full story> Sign up to free email service from for more reporting on African-American issues.

 June 20, 05

 BBC 6 MUSIC - Steel Pulse - Tuesday June 21 Jane Gazzo's Dream Ticket

June 15, 05

 XM Satellite Radio will be broadcasting Steel Pulse show Friday June 17 @ 8:00 PM EDT. Click on this link to sign up for a 3-day Free Trial.

 May 4, 05

 The Directors of Steel Pulse Speak 

Apr 26, 05

 Rhino/Elektra Celebrates 30 Years of Steel Pulse --- "True Democracy" and "Earth Crisis"      ---- remastered --- bonus tracks to be included --- in stores (USA) on Monday June 6

Apr 26, 05

 Photos from Bourges, France on April 22

Apr 18, 05

 Announcement about South America tours

Apr 18, 05

 Steel Pulse nominated for two IRAWMA awards

Apr 02, 05

 Deepest Sympathies to Family of Toni D Jenkins

Apr 02, 05

 LINKS - new additions : Dubtransmissions, Runoko Rashidi and Urban Tribe.

Mar 30, 05

 Check out your Ecology Footprint - <click here>.

Mar 30, 05

 Deepest Sympathies to Graham Dickson and Family

Mar 30, 05

 Deepest Sympathies to Johnnie Cochrane and Family

Mar 27, 05

 Deepest Sympathies to Louis Yesufu and Family

Mar 27, 05

 "No More Weapons" released on Various Artists CD from Trojan Records


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