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 Huey P Newton, Martin Luther King Jr, Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, George Jackson, Medgar Evers, Steve Biko, H Rap Brown, James Byrd Jr, Stephen Lawrence, Fred Hampton, Samora Machel, Ricky Ray Rector, Emmett Till, Amadou Diallo, Thomas Sankara,

And Heroines --- Rosa Parks for example . . .

  Huey P Newton Afro-American Society : 1942 - 1989 <more>

  Martin Luther King, Jr 1929 - 1968 Nobel Peace Prize: 1964 <more>

  Patrice Lumumba First legally-elected Prime Minister of Democratic Republic of Congo :1925 - 1961 <more>

  Malcolm X Shot Fifteen Times At Close Range :1925 - 1965 <more>

  George Jackson - Age 18, Convicted for Stealing $70.00 Given One Year To Life : 1941 - 1971 <more>

  Medgar Evers : Field Secretary NAACP, Murdered On His Own Doorstep :1925 - 1963 <more>

  Stephen Bantu Biko - Interrogated, starved and brutally beaten, died in custody of South African Police :1946 - 1977 <more>

  H Rap Brown aka Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin : 1943 -  <more>

  James Byrd Jr Tied to back of a pickup truck and dragged three miles, alive during most of this horrific act of brutal racist murder : 1949 - 1998 -  <more>

  Stephen Lawrence Black London teenager murdered, his killers are still free : 1974 - 1993  <more>

  Fred Hampton "Hampton had charm coming out of his ears..." Killed age 21: 1948 - 1969  <more>

  Samora Moises Machel President of Mozambique 1975 until his death in an aircrash : 1933 - 1986  <more>

  Ricky Ray Rector Retarded murderer executed in Arkansas while Bill Clinton was Governor : 1950 - 1992  <more>

  Emmett Louis "Bobo" Till - Murdered age 14, his death helped spark the civil rights movement. Three months after his death the Montgomery bus boycott began with Rosa Parks : 1941 - 1955  <more>

  Amadou Diallo - Age 24 - unarmed but yet killed by 19 Bullets from New York City Police officers who were later cleared of criminal wrongdoing: 1975 - 1999  <more>

  Thomas Isidore Noel Sankara President of Burkina Faso aka Upper Volta, Who killed the Lion King? : 1949 - 1987  <more>

The above list is from the Grammy Nominated album "African Holocaust. The list will continue to grow, your nominations are welcome by email.

  Marcus Garvey - in 1914 he organised UNIA and the African Communities League : 1887 - 1940 <more>

  Rosa Louise McCauley Parks - An Enduring Legacy For Civil Rights Movements Around The World : 1913 - 2005 <more>

  Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Born in 1918 in Qunu, Transkei. First Democratically Elected State President of South Africa on 10 May 1994 to June 1999. He accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 on behalf of all South Africans who suffered and sacrificed to much to bring peace to South Africa. 

 "The struggle is my life" <more> 


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