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Your Ecology Footprint

Greetings Folks,

Your ecological footprint is the amount of land and water required to sustain YOUR lifestyle. Just answer a 14-question survey and you'll quickly learn how many acres it takes to sustain YOUR lifestyle ... and how many earths we'd need if everyone lived like YOU do!

I was surprised to find that in spite of the footprint-conscious life I try to live, it would still take more than one earth to sustain all of us if everyone lived like I do. Mmmm.

All is not lost, however. We can all learn how to leave a smaller ecological footprint behind as we traipse through life. OK, OK, so some of us won't care - our current culture of waste, waste and more waste is a lifestyle many of us prefer - but if you do care, here's a nice place to learn a little.

If you want to do more and learn more about how you can do more, get into supporting one or more of your local environmental groups. A great place to start is a nonprofit I used to work for that helps to train the leadership and staff of environmental non-profits nationwide, the Environmental Support Center (ESC).

Visit them online at and learn about their programs and how you can help support their very important mission. Most of all, remember to refer any environmental groups in your area to them for help with training and other group-enabling resources. You'll be glad you did.



(Tai Adelaja is the man who interviewed David Hinds at the Cats Cradle in Carrboro NC back on Feb 6. This is another great article that we all need to take notice of).

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