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 May 4 - 05 The Directors of Steel Pulse Speak

We, the directors of Steel Pulse, decided that it was in the best overall interest of the group to make certain changes. In light of this, we would ask our fans to remember that there are many sides to every story. While we would find it distasteful and unnecessary to discuss the details of our decisions, we can say that we stand by them all.

Please note also that no one queried our expertise when deciding to include or exclude any of the previous members of the band throughout the years. Our judgment has always been trusted and respected. We would hope that you continue to have the same faith in us as we continue with our aim to bring you the best cultural music and stage performances possible.

As the African proverbs proclaim: "he who is guilty is [usually] the one that has much to say" and "a chattering bird builds no nest.."

Now - come let us mash down Rome...

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