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And finally (for today) .... Friday 13th February 2004

From the sublimely hilarious to the outright stupid and ridiculous - Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl has become a 9/11 epic scale event - have a read at the Jackson Story

Friday the 13th! If you are superstitious, stay home, close the curtains and just HIDE from the world today!

"Tomorrow, Tomorrow" will be a better day - in fact Valentine's Day. Where does Robin Hood (aka Kevin Costner) go for his Valentine's Flowers? Sherwood Florist. (Better explain to the yanks that florist = forest, and don't tell them you are just kidding! - editor)

Newsflash! - Newsflash! Feb 2004

First - some great news from Donna Sterling that she is expecting a baby later this year.  Now for the not-so-good news - her doctor has grounded her for the tour that starts today in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  Donna sends her love to all the Steel Pulse family.  She's eating her heart out just now not to be on tour with the rest of the Steel Pulse posse.

(She needs a bit of pampering just now since she's eating for two - donations of a chocolate kind are more than welcome. - Ron -)

PS - Listen up for Selwyn and Sidney going boldly where they have never gone before - singing soprano!


Sunday November 30 2003 - WORLD AIDS DAY TOMORROW

Tomorrow - December 1 - is the day for global AIDS awareness and action. Go onto your favourite search engine and search for "World AIDS Day" and you will find tons of references. However, one event deserves special mention - go to to find out about the MTV special being broadcast globally tomorrow. (Hint - 46664 was Nelson Mandela's prison number).


Saturday November 29 - Congratulations to England Rugby Team for winning World Championship in Australia.  Their unofficial anthem "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" is a very well known song. African American Spirituals has the lyrics for this and many other great songs. Scoutsongs has a piano rendition which is really good.

Who can tell us the story of Sarah Sheppard born in Nashville Tennessee in 1827 and her connection with this song, or point out a website which has the story? Answers on an email, please


Thanksgiving Message :

"Now, children," said the teacher just before Thanksgiving, "tell me something you're thankful for." "I am thankful," said one small boy, "that I'm not a turkey." 

Now that I have your attention, don't forget to have a look at the super Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2003 website - a real treat for kids of any age. A Must-See even if you don't live in New York City.

To our many fans and friends, new and veterans, young and young in heart in America from coast to coast, we wish you well on Thanksgiving Day and trust that it will be a joyful day of remembrance, thanks and self-renewal.

David Hinds would especially like to send his personal, heartfelt thanks and deep respect to all of you who have written in with your very kind and precious words of condolence in recent days.

"O Lord, who lends life to me, lend me a heart replete with thankfullness." - William Shakespeare -


STOP PRESS! Global Party for a Human Planet

The show in Ethiopia including Steel Pulse has been postponed until April or May 2004. The rest of the webcast (Tokyo, Paris and New York) will still be on 13th December 2003 and it is possible some live Steel Pulse footage will be shown. We are working on the rescheduled arrangements.



We have some more sad news to report. Charles Percival Hinds, the father of David Hinds, passed away on Saturday 8th November 2003 in Orlando Florida.

This was totally unexpected to David and his family, despite the fact he was getting more frail with age but they are all coping well given the circumstances.

David's father helped kick-start Steel Pulse from the very early days by providing them with rehearsal facilities at his home for many years.

Charles Hinds was born in St Ann's in the district of Walkers Wood, Jamaica in 1921 and came to England to live in the early 1950's. He later migrated to New Jersey, USA in the 1980's, and for the past 9 years has lived in Orlando, Florida.

He will be sadly missed by all who knew him, young and old alike.


News Flash!! Grammy Award Winning Steel Pulse To Do Show In Africa!


FIDH - Federation internationale des liques des droits de l'Homme - (International Federation for Human Rights) - is organizing a very unusual and exceptional event on Saturday 13 December 2003.

It will be called "Global Party for a Human Planet" to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It will consist of a non stop concert for 24 hours covering 4 continents.

The event will follow the sun and will thus begin in Asia (Tokyo), reach Africa (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) in the afternoon, then on to an evening in Europe (Paris) and will conclude in North America (New York City). It will be broadcast live on the Internet over a period of 24 hours.

This "Global Party for a Human Planet" is a multi -media concept that will use new technology to mobilize people for "all human rights for all" twenty years after Sir Bob Geldof and "We are the World."  It aims at drawing the world's attention to the new famine which has already begun in Ethiopia where 12 Million people (20 % of the population) are threatened.

Steel Pulse, Grammy Award Winning reggae band based in Birmingham England, along with many other internationally acclaimed artists, will be taking part. This will be a great opportunity to see and hear Steel Pulse in action: full throttle, high decibels, spine-tingling sounds of great heart,  soul and spiritual upliftment. 

Be sure to set aside this day in your busy lives RIGHT NOW, get it marked down in your calendar or diary RIGHT NOW. Plan ahead, take the day off work, but make sure you don't miss out.

Then on the day when you are enjoying this great global experience, DO SOMETHING about the famine problem, RIGHT THEN AND THERE - MAKE A DONATION that will help avert the sorrow and heartache of famine haunting Africa yet again.

More information : Global Party for a Human Planet, Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Homeward Bound Thoughts - High Above The Atlantic Ocean: October 13 

What a terrific couple of weeks! The summer tour was absolutely great, as well as the short tour back in February. The whole year has been sensational.

While the pace of events, as always, is fast, furious and physically demanding, the huge positive vibes we get from you the Pulsers and Pulsettes more than make up for the effort involved.

Once again, Tour Boss Eye has given us his leadership even when (and because of) his kicking backsides to keep us on time for travelling. But it is also a team effort and thanks are given here from David, Selwyn and Emeritus Grizzly to all of the crew who contributed to a very successful, joyful and spirit-lifting experience.

But the biggest thanks of all deservedly goes to you the Steel Pulse Family  of fans and supporters. Your turning up at gigs in huge numbers, your e-mails and messages of appreciation are what drives all of us in the Steel Pulse crew forward - when we are tired, you pick us up, when we are weary, you lift our souls.

Next year when the new album is released we will be back on the road again, more fast and furious burning up the miles.  We look forward to seeing many old friends again and gaining many new ones especially the younger generation of Pulseheads around the world.

Watch this space for announcement of future developments.

Maximum Respect and Peace from all the Steel Pulse crew : David, Selwyn, Emeritus Grizzly, Rich (TBE), Alvin, Conrad, Sidney, Moonie, Donna, Louis, Bob, Travis, Baruch, Derrick, Roots Man and Marty.


Music Farm tonight! (October 9 2003) Leave the dog at home, don't chicken out, frog-hop down to hear some really cool moosic, and then you'll be a proud rooster and have something to crow about for days and weeks to come !!

California, we love you.. Once again your hospitality, love and enthusiasm has been beyond our expectations. Peace, and good vibes. Tel Arnie we will be back! (next year when the new album is released).

Boulder Colorado : You are it - here we come, ready or not... see you all tonight October 6 at the Fox Theatre. Sing along with the ticker tape* above - same melody as for Cali, in case you haven't worked it out...

*COL O RAD O here we come, open up them MOUNTAIN TOPS, COL O RAD O here we come!! (New lyrics for an old song - CAL I FORN IA here we come).




David "Dread" Hinds, the charismatic lead singer, lyricist and head of Steel Pulse, the world-famous Grammy Award winning reggae band, has just upon his arrival today in LA announced that he will stand for Governor of California.  Our reporter on the spot, Fred DuRonron of DRRbc, is now able to give us this live and exclusive report - over to you, Fred at LAX:

Fred: Mr Hinds, why have you decided to run for this high profile job?

David: As you know, Fred, some years ago I had a problem getting taxis in New York City - they just wouldn't stop for me. Even with the help and support of Jay Leno, Reverend Al Sharpton and a Million dollar class-action lawsuit, nothing really has changed, still have a problem getting a taxi back there.

As a matter of fact, I still find the same problem here in Cali, so my first job as Governer will be to bring in legislation to end the taxi drivers discrimination against me and my crew when we want a taxi.

Fred: But what about the pressing needs of California citizens - the budget and power probs, for starters?

David: First things first - got to get the taxis sorted out - that should only take about a week.   Then I will knock some heads together to sort out these other issues.  First thing to do here is to fire some guy named Chad who keeps surfacing from time to time as a trouble maker. Chad, you can run but you can't hide.

Fred: Surely you will find it hard to challenge Arnie.

David: Well, actually I am meeting with the big man himself later today to invite him to stand down and be my lieutenant when I win this race - which I am sure will happen.

Fred: Doesn't that invite accusations of a "David and Goliath" combination?

David: Spot on, Fred - that's what it will be - a great team!

Fred: Wow - thanks for your time, Mr Hinds.

David: No prob LEM - O, Fred.. See ya tonight, Arnie at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana.

Fred: Steel Pulse has arrived for the start of a whirlwind two-week tour of the US with several shows in Cali in the next few days before moving onto other gigs in Colorado and back East. Back to you in the studio, Judy.

Copyright (C) DRRbc (DuRonRon Broadcasting Corporation) October 1 and April 1 2003


Message of Appreciation from Steve "Grizzly" Nisbett. September 25/03

I would like to express deep appreciation and gratitude from myself, Dad and the whole family to so many friends and relatives who have sent their messages of condolence and sympathy from around the world - the Caribbean, the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK - with the recent passing of my mother, Veronica Alberta Nisbett.

The service at St Philips Church in West Bromwich England last Friday, September 19, 2003 was conducted with great dignity and spirituality. We would also like to express many, many thanks to all who took part in the service to make it such a sacred experience - the choir, the speakers, and most especially my uncle, Father Ralston Deazon, Mom's brother, who conducted the service.


Birthday Greetings to Cliff "Moonie" Pusey

All together now .... with your party hats on and with great gusto..1 2 3

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you ...                                                              Happy Birthday Dear Moonie, Happy Birthday to you!"                                           (again, only louder this time)

"I wish thee health, I wish thee wealth, I wish thee gold in store--                                I wish thee Heaven upon earth, What could I wish thee more?"

 "No matter how old you are, you don't look it!"

Belatedly - Thursday September 25 - ladies and gentleman, please be upstanding as we propose a Toast to Cliff "Moonie" Pusey - Best wishes from all the Steel Pulse crew... Get some rest young man, you'll need it next week!


September 25 2003 - Steel Pulse was on British TV - Central TV's programme "Xposure hosted by Lisa I'Anson." The group perfomed two songs "Rally Round The Flag" and "Build A Nation" with great enthusiasm and good vibes, it was exciting to watch.


September 2003 - Hawaii - for the record : we never confirmed a show in Hawaii and are disappointed that we were advertised to play when this was not the case. We have high hopes that we can indeed get to Hawaii and lots of other places next year when the new album is released.


September 11 - 2003 Bereavement - We have some sad news to share with you - the mother of Steve "Grizzly" Nisbett passed away just a few days ago. We extend to him and his father and family our deepest condolences and sympathies. 

Steve himself is coping, with lots of support from his immediate family and relatives. He is strong in spirit, a fighter like the lion, although his own health could always be a bit better. "I could be better but I give thanks."

Everyone in the Steel Pulse world wide family - many of you have known Steve for many years, along with the whole Steel Pulse crew - can send their thoughts of sympathy also by emailing to  

Services to be held tomorrow, Friday September 19th.


EINDHOVEN REGGAE SUNDANCE - Steel Pulse was at the Eindhoven Reggae Sundance on August 17 2003.  This is also the birthday of Marcus Garvey, as pointed out by Imani.


LIMA PERU - AUGUST 1 - The Pachamama Day (Mother Earth) Venue: Feria Internacional del Pacifico - Here we come this Friday


SUMMER USA - The team is on the 1 yard line, ready to score with completion of a hugely successful tour over the past 2 months. There is just 1 gig left on the coast-to-coast, sea-to-shining-sea Summer USA tour - don't miss out. When it's gone, it's gone...

July 28 Monday - Santa Cruz - The Catalyst Club  TODAY - THIS IS IT, THE FINALE, THE FINAL CURTAIN - SUMMER USA 2003 WRAPS UP WITH A BANG.  ROLL ON 2004


Monday July 21 - The Summer USA tour continues, BUT now we have to report a very sad and sobering experience for the whole crew when they were playing at the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque New Mexico yesterday July 20.

Here are the words of Tour Boss Eye that he posted onto the Message Board earlier today.   It is only proper and fitting that his eloquence at this time of grief and shock should be more promimently shown to the Steel Pulse fans and followers as well as the wider world community.

"Marissa Mathy-Zvafier

Tour Boss Eye Date Posted: Jul 21, 03 - 8:34 AM UK (1:34 AM MST)

Albuquerque NM : About to get on the bus in the middle of the night....

Message: We just finished a show in Albuquerque in a venue we have played before. This one was different in that a 16 year old girl, Marissa Mathy-Zvafier, had been murdered in the theater 3 nights before.

Amid an atmosphere of sadness, and anger within the community unleashed upon the building, the promoter and the very concept of people gathering together to have fun, Steel Pulse took the stage and led a silent prayer in memory of the slain girl.

It was both poignant and heart felt as David and the band waited until everyone in the nearly packed house observed the memorial before breaking in to a blistering version of Blessed Is The Man.

I was very proud of the band. It was a beautiful moment and a powerful message of positive energy. Rest in peace, Marissa"


NELSON ROLIHLAHLA MANDELA - Today - July 18 2003 - celebrating his birthday, born July 18, 1918. Birthday greetings from Steel Pulse to the great man.


TOAD'S PLACE, New Haven CT July 10 - Photos - Andy B was kind enough to point out on the message board a feast of pictures. Here is the link to go straight to them, thanks for tip, Andy!


SUMMER USA - The show rolls forth - headin' out west again - yee-ha - don't forget the Stetson's. - Some more photos - San Diego County Fair.

THURSDAY July 17 2003 - The gigs in the Eastern states wound up last night at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence Rhode Island. Today the crew will be flying out west again to Keystone Colorado. Mark drew the short straw and gets to drive the bus - have a safe journey.


THURSDAY July 10 2003 - MESSAGE BOARD - This new look suddenly descended from Bravenet cyberspace without any notice.  Feedback on the new style most welcome. Upgrades are presumed to be good, but time will tell. (I think the upgrade came off OK - Ron - July 16).


SUNDAY July 6 - More Lyrics on board - True Democracy and VEX now added, along with Handsworth Revolution and Tribute to The Martyrs.

SUNDAY July 6 2003 - looking ahead for the next few days:  On Monday July 7 the band will be back in the Empire State at Washington Park in Albany. Doors 7:30 PM FREE TO THE PUBLIC.  On Wednesday July 9 they will be performing at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC - Ms Melinda will be there to greet them for the sound check.


SATURDAY JULY 05 2003 - STEEL PULSE IN THE BIG APPLE - Steel Pulse was LIVE on Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends" on Thursday July 3 2003. It was a great outdoors experience - "singing in the rain." Gene Kelly, eat your heart out, we have Conrad Kelly!

But the "all-weather-band" took it in their stride - David was very cool about the whole thing: "The rain washes away the bad things and always grows good things" said he.  The Steel Pulse band then presented a magnificent performance of "Rally Round The Flag." Hope we can get a few photos in the near future. As for the "Interview" maybe that got covered over with the global temperature forecasts that came on near the top of the hour.

They went on to do another great show at the Metrotech Plaza later in the day. Friday saw them zip down to the Harbor Center at Portsmouth VA. Today Steel Pulse will be back in New York City at the Irving Plaza.


MONDAY June 30 2003 - WHOOPDEEDOO HOT NEWS! Steel Pulse will appear on US-based Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends" this coming Thursday July 3 2003 between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM Eastern Time (that's 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM in Calfornia!).  Check your local listings and DON'T MISS IT! 

"...well worth the red eye!" Well said, Onedrop.

Steel Pulse will play two or three 15-30 second "tease bumps" throughout the 8:00 AM hour of the show and one full song at approximately 8:50 AM, before their interview with Steve, E.D. and Brian.

With an audience of about 90 Million US homes and overseas audience as well, this is a great opportunity for Pulsers and Pulsettes around the world to see them live. For fans in the UK and Europe with access to SKY Satellite broadcasting Fox News is one of their channels and you can catch it there! If they broadcast Fox and Friends live, it will be 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM UK time.


Summer USA - The show rolls forth - the latest (and best feedback - from fans direct - don't miss Irie Lady) - is on the Message Board. It's the next best thing to being at a gig in person.  Tour Boss Eye is giving his front row perspective on the gigs and road travelling as well.


Chicago, House of Blues on Saturday June 28 - a few Tour Photos to be going on with. Enjoy!


Birthday Greetings to David Dread - Sunday 15th June. Let's hear back from you greetings to the Rastaman!

Summer USA gets under way this coming week, starting in Sparks, Nevada at John Ascuaga's Nugget on 19th June. Late entry gig on the schedule : The Catalyst, Santa Cruz CA on 28th July.

Lima, Peru - Steel Pulse to appear there on 1st August - The Pachamama Day (Mother Earth). Details to follow. Sorry about Reggae On The River at the same weekend, hopefully next year.


Birthday Greetings -4th June - to Selwyn "Bumbo" Brown - 39 Forever - ya, right! Our best wishes from everyone at Steel Pulse. Let's hear it from everyone in cyberspace with an email : appreciation to the big man.

Discography - Handsworth Revolution, Tribute To The Martyrs :lyrics now available.

Banner Photo - get a good look at this great photo from Bob Carsten!


MONDAY June 2 2003 : UK Gigs

We at Steel Pulse are keenly aware of the swell of feeling to have some gigs here in the UK on the home turf, so to speak. When we can do something about it, we will let you all know. But for now we are just coming to the Summer USA touring season, and then we want to get the new album finished.


THURSDAY May 22 2003 : Welcome to the NEW-LOOK official web-site of STEEL PULSE

This year - 2003 (aka MMIII) - marks 25 years of Revolution from STEEL PULSE. We have loads of excitement and enthusiasm in store for all you Pulsers and Pulsettes around the world. For starters, through this new web site we will give you the fans and supporters of STEEL PULSE more feedback than ever before.


February 2003 USA Tour

  Steel Pulse had a very successful and happy tour covering Florida, New Orleans and California. At the Long Beach Arena on Saturday February 15, the band were presented a Life Time Achievement Award by Amlak Tafari as they finished their gig at the Annual Ragga Muffin Bob Marley Day Festival. See the full list on Summer USA.


Rock Legends - February 2003

Steel Pulse was featured in an episode of Carlton Television's ( a British TV channel) Rock Legends series, broadcast on Friday February 21.

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